CIM qualifications are made up of modules which are assessed. For example, the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing includes 3 modules and each is assessed. If you pass all three modules, you gain the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, a certificate and a chance to attend the CIM Graduation ceremony in London.

You can also take each module on its own.

So you can take a single subject, pass the assessment and gain a qualification in that module. For example, for the CIM Diploma level, you could take just the first module Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy, pass the assessment and gain a CIM Award in Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy, a certificate but no opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony.

Can I take several Awards?

Yes. You can take as many Awards as you wish, provided you are studying at a suitable level for you.

If you’re not sure of your level, our Level Finder will tell you in less than a minute.

If I take several Awards, will I get a full CIM qualification?

Yes. For example, you could pass the Marketing and Digital Strategy Award, then the Innovation in Marketing Award and then one other of the CIM Diploma elective modules and gain the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing.

What Awards are available?

Any CIM module can be taken as an Award. (Please note, the revised syllabus of the CIM courses was launched in September 2019 so modules will become available as the syllabus is rolled out. Awards linked below are already available to study.) 

Level 3 
Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing

Marketing Principles
Communications in Practice
Digital Fundamentals

Level 4
Certificate in Professional Marketing

Applied Marketing
Planning Campaigns
Customer Insights
Digital Marketing Techniques

Level 6
Diploma in Professional Marketing

Marketing and Digital Strategy
Innovation in Marketing
The Digital Customer Experience
Managing Brands
Resource Management

Level 7
Marketing Leadership Programme

Contemporary Challenges
Leading Change
Managing Business Growth

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

Global Marketing Decisions
Corporate Digital Communications
Creating Entrepreneurial Change

There are Digital and non-digital qualifications. Can I take extra modules and gain both?

Yes. For example, take the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (3 modules, to include Marketing and Digital Strategy, Innovation in Marketing and Digital Customer Experience (elective)), then take the Digital Optimisation Award, and gain both the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing AND the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing. Two qualifications in JUST 4 modules.

When can I start?

For online learning, you can start at any time. Choose your level, select the Award you want to take, and enrol.

For classes, check when the classes are available via our course pages. We highly recommend you enrol 3 weeks before the first class date to ensure you receive your materials and have time to get to grips with the Learning Zone portal.