Do you have a contingency plan in place with your upcoming project? Have you identified the possible risks and how you will meet them?

Alistair Pryde, of APP Dalmeny Ltd, talks to Kiran in this episode of the radio show about the essential parts of any plan and the changes to make when things go wrong. Although these things may not happen, preparation is key and the added bonus is it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. There are a number of risk factors to consider; operational, financial, strategic, health and safety and legal and the plan that is put in place has to be appropriate to the type of risk, which Alistair explains. Listeners can find out more about the ‘probability matrix’ and the types of mitigation associated, including how to avoid or transfer a risk. Alistair finishes with his top tips and provides a formula to remember.

Kiran is also joined by a host of practising marketers as she asks ‘how do you keep up to date with marketing trends?’