Support for dyslexic learners and their tutors

Did you know that 10% of the UK population is estimated to be dyslexic? Most dyslexics have excellent verbal communication skills and so may choose a career in Marketing and PR.

Dyslexia is a gift

Dyslexia is a gift: it's just not always easy to appreciate it and brings with it specific challenges.

Dyslexics don't think the same way as most people so they need to find ways of learning and working to suit them. Strategies that have worked for you in the past, may not be the best now you are working or learning whilst working.


How the College supports dyslexic students

How the College supports dyslexic students

We're currently conducting research amongst our learners and tutors to see how we can better support our dyslexic students and apprentices. We want to ensure the support we offer is continually evolving. We understand the individualistic nature of dyslexia and so the college is dedicated to finding and personalising the best support for you.

Our proudly dyslexic researcher, Julian Berridge, is carrying out our research and is on hand to offer a support session. He is also the author of our 'toolkit' for dyslexic students, which is available below, and is working on other initiatives to be published here. You can contact him using the form at the bottom of this page.

Dyslexia Toolkit

Dyslexia Toolkit: study suggestions for dyslexics by dyslexics

This guide has been written by a dyslexic student to help other dyslexic students. While there is already much support for dyslexics out there, not all of it is useful and much wasn’t written by dyslexics, so it often misses the mark.

Dip into and try out the suggestions to see if they help you with your studies. Not everything will be of use to you but something may stand out and surprise you.

Download Dyslexia Toolkit

Tutor Toolkit for teaching dyslexic adults

Written by a dyslexic with insights from practising tutors to aid understanding of dyslexic learner's strengths and weakness, and to offer ways to better support your students.

The guide's dip-in style is designed for those what can I suggest next? moments.

Download Dyslexia Toolkit

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Resources to help you right now

Resources to help you right now

Suggestions and ideas used by dyslexics to help make life easier.

  • dyslexialifehacks - short blog posts to help you manage your dyslexia, including those self-limiting beliefs!
Send your suggestions to us

Send your suggestions to us

Have you used a tool or service recently that has helped with your dyslexia that you're willing to share? Or perhaps you would like to speak to Julian, our proudly dyslexic intern, about his current findings? If you have any suggestions or queries, simply get in touch below and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

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