Championing the ‘Mature Marketplace’ and taking good publicity shots Customer experience, Communications | Lauren Pettitt | 27 October 2016

Are you using youth slang in your advertising campaigns? Are you perhaps making it more difficult when you could be making it easy for the more mature consumer? Kiran is joined in this episode of the show by Mark Beasley of the Mature Marketing Association who talks about the importance of our ageing population and how sometimes we forget about the older generation in our marketing campaigns. We need to champion the idea that marketing and marketers should still take into consideration that this group of consumers still has economic power and therefore needs to be addressed. What we as marketers also need to consider is that the employers of any business are also getting older and so this can alter how we plan our marketing activity.

Kiran talks to Photographer, David Thorpe, about taking a good publicity photos and finds out some handy tips for looking your best in the ‘Corporate Firing Squad’. David often shares his tips with the public via his Facebook page.

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