Meet the tutor: Andrew Hatcher

Neil Wilkins | 16 April 2016

In this blog we interview Andrew Hatcher, Cambridge Marketing College tutor and Managing Director of The Applied Knowledge Network.

Andrew created and developed the MAPP coaching system which has been used by hundreds of companies looking to create effective and implementable plans that can help them develop and grow. His coaching style reflects his belief that coaches can only enable success by applying the knowledge that already exists within his clients’ organisations.

Andrew’s own career started at Reuters, the global media group, working with Reuters Venture Capital, and ultimately as the CEO of an Asian-based Internet trading company which he took through initial VC funding and on to a trade sale.

With a personal corporate history that includes journalism, software development, project management, marketing and strategic sales, Andrew draws on a wealth of experience in all aspects of business management gained through working internationally, predominantly in the US and UK.

Andrew, what are you doing right now?

Preparing to fly to Kuwait to deliver a course on strategic management to delegates from an oil company.

Can you share a quote you like?

“If you think you are in control you are not going fast enough.”

Post a ‘behind the scenes’ photo.

My business advisor in residence…

What question would you like answered?

What is the one business measurement (in your current job) that you fear the most?

Share a useful online or software tool you are using.

The MAPP, of course, as it is something that I came up with and believe in it as a collaborative project tool for people who are not project managers. 

Can you recommend a favourite product?

I love peopleperhour and/or fiverr to find gifts for friends and family – a jingle for a special birthday for £10 and a million more useless but fun things to create.

Share a work/life balance tip.

I tend to let the two intertwine as if you set up too many barriers between them they then become combtanats. I make sure my family knows what I do and get them involved where possible but also ensure that school runs and other occasions have equal place in my ‘single’ diary.

Take a trip down memory lane sharing an old product.

My first real e-device was something called a Palm Pilot which was released in 1997. It was basically and electroinc calendar, contact list and note taker that doesn’t look too dissimilar to a modern smartphone and also included a pen. It was just missing the ability to call…

Recommend someone.

Karen Sembera – Karen is an all-out strategic thinker who will always bring you down to earth when you are off on a flight of fancy. She has an uncanny knack of driving through the rubbish to get to the main issues. very useful when focus has been lost.

Ask for an industry prediction.

Will Yahoo really get bought by the Daily Mail?

What newsworthy thing has happened in CMC this week?

We are completing our first delivery in Holland working with the University of Amsterdam Business School.

What cause are you currently supporting?

My daughter has just launched a kickstarter project for her A-Level project to record and produce a vinyl album.

Give a sneak preview of something coming soon.

I am the editor of the Cambridge Marketing Review and we are embarking on a new approach which we hope will be delivered in the next few months.

What one thing could you do better than other marketing Colleges?

We provide the best all-round offer including high quality course delivery with excellent result, course guides, handbooks, a magazine, a radio show, regular marketing events, in-house training and corporate programmes and much much more…

Thanks Andrew for sharing an insight into life inside the College.

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