Debbie Frost, VP of International Communications at Facebook

In the first part of her interview, Debbie Frost, VP of International Communications at Facebook, talks about her stellar career and how passionate she is about encouraging other women into business. She started at Facebook 7 years ago as part of the international expansion. She manages the entire communications team. She also spends a lot of time developing policies. With a user base of over 1 billion people, unexpected things can happen, for example Mexican drug cartels putting videos of beheadings of rival gang members on Facebook. It is a very demanding job and requires a good team of people to work around her. Debbie discussed the problems of women holding themselves back by lacking confidence. She discusses the problems of women walking into a roomful of men – women will sit at the back or the sides rather than the front of the room.

CIM examiner advises

Colin Linton is a senior examiner with the CIM and has over 26 years of experience in setting and marking exams. His advice is read through the question very carefully several times, noting the command words (for example ‘Describe’ is different from ‘Evaluate’). An outstanding script is directly relevant to the question set, is focused on the question topic, and is not an essay about everything the student knows about a particular topic. Most examiners like to see practical application as well as theory.

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