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This is what I've been reading, listening to and watching on sustainability over the past month:

Breaking business barriers to Net Zero

You've heard of 'green washing' (overstating your green credentials) and you may have come across 'green hushing' (holding back on green comms. for fear of being accused of 'green washing'). Now comes 'green stalling' (Over analysing your 'Net Zero' plan, so leading to climate in-action). This report from the The Carbon Trust explores the key barriers to action and explains how to overcome them.

SEC passes new emissions rule: Here’s what you need to know

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which sets the rules for listed companies in the US, is the latest regulator to introduce climate disclosure requirements. Even if you're not a listed US company these new rules could impact a key supplier or customer so it's worth knowing what's covered. This article from GreenBiz Group tells you what you need to know or you can listen to a S&P Global podcast on the same topic.

Climate change can't overcome capitalism, and that's OK

Akshat Rathi at Bloomberg is one of the most considered commentators on climate policy and action. For this edition of the Bloomberg 'Zero: The Climate Race' podcast he turns from interviewer to interviewee to discuss his new book 'Climate Capitalism'. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on different forms of capitalism and how free market mechanisms can incorporate climate goals.

Climate Science Breakthrough

I am fan of the Climate Science Breakthrough series of videos where they pair a climate scientist with a well-known comedian to explain the climate emergency. For my liking there is a bit too much swearing, but the messaging is clear, engaging and immediate. My favourite is Mark Maslin with Jo Brand, but now you can get an 'all star version' too! 

Brain Strain

I always enjoy listening to the Matthew Syed BBC Sideways podcast. He makes you think about stuff you probably haven't considered before. This episode is about cognitive dissonance - the discomfort a person feels when their behavior does not align with their values or beliefs - and while there is no mention of climate change or sustainability, you can see the parrallels throughout.

About Sustainability InSight

'Sustainability InSight' is a regular roundup of recent insightful sustainability content. My aim is to improve understanding and knowledge across the sustainability spectrum - not just the environment and climate change - to help us all lead a more sustainable life. If you see any content that you'd recommend, then just let me know.

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