How to cut through all the noise

We are now at a stage where marketing content is thrown at us constantly, across all kinds of channels and from all sorts of organisations. So how do you and your company ensure that you are targeting the right audience, considering their varying attitudes and lifestyles and encouraging them to take action on your services or products? In this episode of the Cambridge Marketing Review show, host, Kiran Kapur, welcomes Allison Thomas of CAT, who talks us through the AIDA model and gives us her top tips in getting consumers interested in your brand, from the awareness stage to the action stage. You can expect discussions on KPI, SEO and the ‘F’ eye tracking method.

Predictive Marketing and E-tailers

Kiran unlocks the secrets of the impeccable user experience of e-commerce sites such as Marks & Spencer and Amazon. Without being able to physically see a customer, how do we monitor what they do or may buy? Richard Sharp of joins Kiran to explain the predictive marketing platform which offers a bespoke experience to each individual user, depending on what they are doing on the site. Features include: offering a consumer an offer or suggesting other products they may also like to buy or offering free shipping if they spend X amount of money with the company. Richard finishes with some handy tips of his own in case you were thinking of optimising your user experience online.

Omni-Screen marketing

Our Jargon Buster this week talks about Omni-Screen marketing.

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