This is what I've been reading and listening to on sustainability over the past month:

  1. How SBTi’s shift on Scope 3 rules will affect carbon markets

    The biggest story in sustainability over the past month has been how SBTi may change its rules on using carbon offsets to mitigate Scope 3 emissions. If you've not kept up with the story and related controversy then you can catch up with the GreenBiz Group story and edie coverage.

  2. Making renewables a profitable bet… everywhere

    We've all seen the stunning numbers about how much money is being (and needs to be) invested into the energy transition, so it was great to listen to this Bloomberg Zero podcast interview with the head of renewables from Brookfield Asset Management on making climate finance worth.

  3. Exploring awareness of B Corp certification in the UK

    An increasing number of organisations are showing an interest in becoming a B Corp so it was good to see this survey on the increasing brand awareness of this certification.

  4. Legislation lethargy hits UK organisations as volume and intensity of sustainability reporting increases

    While not particularly surprising, it was sobering to see this new survey by Mitie show that UK sustainability professionals increasingly feel constrained by the requirement to report against a variety of sustainability standards.

  5. We need to talk about… behaviour change

    Legislation and standards are no doubt a big driver of more sustainable practices but we can never overlook the need to inspire voluntary and reinforcing behaviour change. This Chatham House The Climate Briefing podcast is a good listen on this fascinating and critical topic.


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