Hi Erin

1. What Apprenticeship did you do?

I did the Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship.

2.  How did Your Apprenticeship Help you Move Forward?

It gave me first hand experience of working in a global marketing team and built up my confidence in working with different people which ultimately helped me get my next job at my new company, Nu Image.

3. What was Your Favourite Part of the Apprenticeship?

My favourite part was doing my practical Project for the End Point Assessment as it allowed me to put everything I had learnt together and apply it to a practical task. I enjoyed pushing myself to see what I could achieve and seeing how the theory worked and applied to real life situations.

4. Have you got any Work you can Show us from Your Favourite Part of the Apprenticeship?

Yes, absolutely! For my EPA Project I planned, launched and promoted a brand new podcast for the company I worked for at the time which is available on all the podcast streaming platforms.

5. What Made you Choose an Apprenticeship?

I was in the fortunate position to be offered an apprenticeship whilst I was already employed as a Marketing Assistant, so it was a no-brainer to get a higher qualification whilst already working for a company I knew and trusted to support my learning.

6. Would you Recommend an Apprenticeship to Others?

I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone! It is the perfect way to gain first hand experience and take the next steps in my career without having any student loans or debts.

7. Have you got any Tips for anyone Considering or Just Starting an Apprenticeship?

My tips would be to enjoy it and make the most of the opportunity! Being able to learn from the people around you is a great way to build your confidence, gain valuable knowledge and experience real life situations.