1) What is a CIM Award

Each module in a CIM qualification can be taken as a stand alone award. You would do the learning, take the assessment and then gain a CIM Award.

2) Can you give me an example?

Yes, the Digital Marketing Techniques module is part of the CIM Digital Marketing Certificate. You could take this as a stand alone Award. When you pass the assessment, you will receive a CIM Award in Digital Marketing Techniques

3) How will it take to complete an Award?

You can assume around 4-6 months per Award. Assessments can be taken in April, July, and December each year. 

4) Can I complete other modules to gain a full qualification?

Yes, the CIM has set out which modules you need to take to gain the full qualification.

5) Will I receive tutor support?

Yes, you will receive support from one of our expert tutors and access to our bespoke learning zone.

6) How do I know which level to take?

You can use our Level Finder link to discover which level is best suited to you.