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"An apprenticeship programme for professionals has many benefits, but the two that strike me most are: it provides the space to learn again - something all marketers should continue to do. Secondly, it gives strong theoretical underpinning to what we do on a daily basis - a reminder of the real value of disciplined marketing processes, which in turn can only add value for your employer."

- Nick Wake, Apprenticeship Tutor

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship combines a real job with practical training and study to gain skills, knowledge and experience.

There are many different apprenticeships available across a wide range of industries, and for a wide variety of job roles. As a paid employee, each apprentice works alongside their studies.

Who can do an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are not just for new starters or people who are just about to enter the workplace, they are available to all ages and existing employed members of staff.

Available apprenticeships

The College is currently delivering the following marketing and PR apprenticeships:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • PR and Communications Assistant 
  • Junior Content Producer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The levels of apprenticeship

Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels. You can train through an apprenticeship at a higher level than a qualification that you already hold. Or if there is significant new learning required for your role, you can train at lower or equivalent level to your existing qualification.

Name Level Equivalent education level
Intermediate 2 GCSE
Advanced 3 A-Level
Higher 4, 5, 6, and 7 Foundation degree and above
Degree 6 and 7 Bachelor's or master's degree


Can an individual apply for an apprenticeship?

No. Apprenticeships are organised by the employer, who chooses the Apprentice training company.

How long does an apprenticeship take?

A minimum 12 months — plus your end point assessment — but time is dependent on the standard and your experience.

Will an apprenticeship cost me anything?

There is no cost to the apprentice. All apprentices must receive a minimum wage of £3.90 per hour plus 20 days paid holiday a year, but you may receive more.

Where can I find apprenticeship opportunities?

What our apprentices say

I completed the Level 4 Marketing Executive course with Cambridge Marketing College in 2020/2021. The course allowed me to develop my knowledge, skills and confidence in my role as a Marketing Assistant with my employer. The teachings in this course allowed me to progress, not only in a marketing capacity, but also as a professional. I am grateful to the college and my wonderful tutors for their dedication to my development.

Jade Golding Media, Marketing & Communications Assistant, Expanse Learning

Since starting my apprenticeship, I've been on a rollercoaster! It has undeniably been the most brilliant experience; the best experience I could have asked for during the pandemic especially. I have had countless opportunities to explore and develop my skillset in a trusting work environment with close support from experts and managers in similar and senior roles.

Real-world experience is what employers look for among other things and with my apprenticeship being two years long, not only have I got two years-worth of knowledge and a level 6 degree apprenticeship qualification that's recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), but I also have two years of work experience, something that most university students won't have- it's like two for the price of one! Not only does this mean you have more time to knuckle down on your career development but it also gives you a competitive edge over other people!

I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who has the ambition to develop their career but perhaps not the means, either financially or by preference.

Apprenticeships are like postal couriers, they package you up- giving you qualifications- and send you off- with work experience, skills and competencies. Whereas universities just give you the envelope- a degree- and a bit of sticky tape for safekeeping- some support to go and organise work experience or get a job after graduating.

Isabella Fasciani Marketing Manager Degree Apprentice, Pfizer

I’m a marketing apprentice at Wiltshire Council and my experience has been very positive so far. I’m really enjoying learning while studying at the same time. I have also found my tutor to be really helpful and I feel supported with my studies.

Lyndzay Morales Apprentice Employee Experience Assistant, Wiltshire Council

So far I have loved my time as a marketing degree apprentice at Pfizer. I am currently working in the Rare Disease BU and look after a specific brand. I am amazed at the level of responsibility I have received as a junior member of the team, it has been the best way to get hands on experience in the business world. The diverse range of projects I have been tasked with not only align with the modules set my marketing college but also give me a holistic understanding of the Rare Disease BU. These apprenticeships are the best way to, not only gain a degree, but gain invaluable experience.

Fabienne Bellamy Marketing Apprentice, Pfizer

I’m really enjoying my Marketing Executive Apprenticeship as its given me the opportunity to pursue a career within marketing after graduating from university. I enjoy the evening class videos and podcasts as I find them insightful and a good way to take in information. By doing an apprenticeship I’m able to get real life work experience whilst working towards a level 4 qualification in marketing.

Gen Harris Marketing Apprentice/Employee Experience Assistant, Wiltshire Council

I completed my level 6 marketing management apprenticeship with the Cambridge Marketing College at the end of 2021, qualifying with a distinction. I was over the moon with my results, and cannot thank the college, and my tutor enough for the support and guidance throughout the duration of the course. Completing this apprenticeship has not only given me the knowledge to take the next steps in my career, but also the confidence. I’ve now enrolled on the marketing leadership qualification with the college which will allow me to take these skills to the next level.

Kelly Harding Corporate Communications Business Partner, Volker Laser

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I already knew about marketing due to previously studying for my Level 3 Business Administration qualification.One of my highlights so far was the end of quarter assessment; after absorbing all the content delivered, being able to put pen to paper and know that you have got it right is a good feeling.

One major thing I have learnt is the range of different planning tools used to develop a product or service; the Boston Matrix is fascinating, yet simple and great to apply to our own organisation. What I am most looking forward to is putting most of, if not all of my current theory learning into practice, with future client marketing campaigns.

Imogen Hammerton Marketing Executive Apprentice, My Mustard

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To register your interest, or if you have any questions about the marketing apprenticeships, contact Charlotte Lestienne on:

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Approved provider

The College is approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and is listed on the Register of Training Apprentice Providers (RoATP). It is also a member of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the PR & Communications Assistant apprenticeship. All our policies (including Prevent Strategy, Health and Safety, Complaints procedure, Equality & Diversity and Safeguarding) are available on request by contacting


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