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Marketing Manager Apprenticeship

  • Level: 6
  • Duration: 24
  • Study options: Online learning
  • Cost: £9,000

Take responsibility for the marketing activities and strategy of your organisation.

Marketing apprenticeships have really taken off recently. They enable the apprentices to earn while they learn whilst giving the employer the advantage of a highly motivated member of staff who is keen to put their learning into practice. At the induction, managers are usually looking for their apprentices to improve their confidence by acquiring knowledge and skills, leading to behavioural change that is almost always recognised in their quarterly reviews.

— Keith Rowland, Apprentice Tutor

Benefits for the apprentice and employer

  • Apprentices learn vital skills they can apply directly to their roles, including planning and strategy, understanding innovation, branding and product/service development
  • Apprentices will be fully qualified in 29 months
  • It is a cost effect training solution for your company

Who is this apprenticeship for?

Typical job roles include: Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, Corporate Communications Manager, Product/Proposition Manager, Insight/Innovations Manager.

How this apprenticeship works

  • Minimum of 6 hours off-the-job training per week
  • Blended learning, with online study materials, one-to-one coding tutorials, a monthly one-to-one online tutorial and topic specific webinars
  • Free attendance at 2 one-day courses on AI and Sustainability
  • After successful completion of the EPA, the apprentice will be able to register as   an Affiliate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) — membership fees applies
  • We have mapped the knowledge content with the CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing, so the apprentice will be able to gain the qualification by taking two additional modules.
CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

Duration and cost

The learning section of the apprenticeship is up to 24 months. The end point assessment period is up to 5 months thereafter. The cost is £9,000.

Skills and behaviours

  • Advanced interpersonal and communication techniques
  • Service delivery and improvement
  • Resource management
  • Planning and analysing
  • Commercial approach
  • Leadership
  • Agile and flexible
  • Creative and commercial thinking
  • Resilience and continuous improvement
  • Professionalism and emotional intelligence

End point assessment — EPA

To complete the apprenticeship, apprentices have to complete an End Point Assessment (EPA). This includes:

  • A Project Showcase - 3 marked components based on an end-to-end Marketing Plan that the apprentice has designed and developed during the EPA with their employer
  • A 70-minute Professional Discussion (with the assessor) - assesses the apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours holistically

Key syllabus

  • The Principles and Theories of Marketing
  • Brand Development and Safeguarding
  • Consumer and Organisational Behaviour Theories and Concepts
  • Advanced Stakeholder Management and CRM
  • Marketing Communication Planning Models and Budgetary Methodologies
  • Innovation in Marketing
  • Managing Brands

  • The Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, Plans, Stakeholders, Customers and Stakeholders
  • The Wider Business perspective in which Marketing Operates Nationally and Internationally
  • How to Measure and Deliver ROI
  • The Relevant Industry/Sector Specific Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Frameworks

  • Effective Market Research and Evaluation Techniques and Methods
  • Reliable information Sources and Metrics
  • New and Emerging Trends and Themes in Marketing

  • The Principles of Product and Service Design and Implementation and Portfolio Management
  • The Features and Benefits of Different Marketing Communications and Routes to Market
Choosing a training provider

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