This edition of Sustainability InSight is another podcast special, so this is what I've been listening to on sustainability over the past month:

1. What is caused (and not caused) by climate change?

We all know that climate change and extreme weather events are linked, and while we need to act on the former its the latter that often attracts public attention, be it flash floods, wildfires, heatwaves.... This edition of the BBC 'The Climate Question' podcast explores the emerging study of climate attribution science and how much we can say climate change has contributed to a particular weather event.

2. How can carbon markets move beyond offsets to achieve net zero and Microsoft wanted to be carbon-negative. Then it went big on AI

I listened to two podcasts this month about Microsoft's climate journey. They paint a fascinating picture of the challenges the world's most valuable company faces in trying to meet their climate goals. There is advice and words of warning in here for all businesses. The first is an EY 'Sustainability Matters' podcast about Microsoft's efforts to use voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) to achieve their net zero goals. The second podcast is an edition of Bloomberg 'Zero' which discusses the impact Microsoft's investment in AI has had on its carbon emissions. 

3. The Scope 3 Podcast

Two of the best commentators on sustainability Tom Idle and Oliver Hurrey have started 'The Scope 3 Podcast' for business leaders looking to discover solutions, insights and best practice to address their Scope 3 emissions. There have been six episodes so far and for me the pick of the bunch has been number five which includes an interview with the always excellent Solitaire Townsend from Futerra.

4. ISSB Vice Chair Sue Lloyd talks aligning sustainability standards across jurisdictions

A lot is talked about and needed on aligning sustainability standards, so much is expected from the work of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). For anyone interested in this topic there is much to be encouraged by in this interview on the S&P Global 'ESG Insider' podcast


5. Green Industrial Policy

Finally for this month, there is some great advice on sustainability and climate communications in this Energy Transition Show podcast. The whole edition is worth a listen but if you just want the list of six things you should consider to help optimise your communications then skip to 15 mins. into the show and listen from then on.

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