Check out our new video above for more information on these 7 areas about marketing and PR apprenticeships, based on our most asked questions from you:

Companies we have worked with so far

So far, we have worked with apprentices from a variety of sectors. Organisations include Sage, Just Eat, Nestle and the NHS.

The definition of the new apprenticeships

Apprenticeships as you know them have changed. If you hear the word 'apprenticeship' and think of young mechanics, electricians and carpenters in their late teens, then you will be surprised to know the new marketing and PR apprenticeships are aimed at professionals at any stage in their careers. We have so far had apprentices aged from 18 to 55.

Who can take an apprenticeship

Anyone wanting to enhance their career and learn new skills 'on the job', which can be directly applied to the work place. There is a level to suit you no matter what stage you are at currently at, whether you are just starting out or in charge of a department. 

Benefits of an apprenticeship

Employers - motivate, train and retain your staff by adding to their current skill-set, recruit new talent by offering on-the-job training with the role and reduce staff turnover. Apprentices - there are a whole host of skills to be learned at each level, which will ultimately influence your behaviours within your role for the better. As you go through working towards your apprenticeship, you will be able to apply your new skills directly to your work place. 

What apprentices think of their training

The video includes one of our current PR apprentices, Seb Anning's, experience so far. He talks about applying his new skills to his role, the support he has received from the College and his recommendation. 

The resources available with an apprenticeship

Learn more about our tutorials, monthly webinars, Slack channel and online Learning Zone, which includes our week-by-week study plan, allowing you to track your studies as you go.  

How to get started with an apprenticeship

What employers and potential apprentices need to be aware of and the steps to take to get started.