How “street furniture” influences consumers to buy

Dan Cresta of Experion Media joins host Kiran Kapur to talk about ‘out of home’ advertising. They discuss ‘ads on the move’, referring to advertisements you see on your daily commutes, including bus and underground escalator adverts. Cresta introduces the term ‘street furniture’ (posters and billboards you’ll see) as a way of inspiring us every day and influencing us to buy. He gives listeners an insight into which advertisements he thinks are inescapable to consumers and a type of targeting that influences those who don’t have a product to think they should. The interview turns to seasonal advertising and how Christmas is like the Superbowl in UK advertising terms. We’ve all heard of Micro and Macro environments but Cresta talks about Micro and Macro seasons and which calendar events fall into each category.

“Measure the things you fear the most”

Andrew Hatcher, Managing Director of The Applied Knowledge Network Ltd, explains the important first step of understanding what you want to achieve and that setting objectives is the best way of measuring any marketing success. He suggests to listeners that they should measure what they fear the most in order to distinguish whether or not a campaign has been successful. For example, how many conversions have been made and whether or not the organisation will see any profit from this. Andrew talks about the cost of acquisition; how much did your campaign cost and how many conversions did you receive from this? Did you make money or lose it? The interview finishes with a look “vanity metrics” and the life time value of a customer.

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