During your apprenticeship, you will hear the term 'Gateway'. What does it mean?

What is Gateway?

Gateway is the time between the end of your training and beginning your End Point Assessment.

Why is Gateway important?

The Gateway period is to ensure that you, your employer and your trainng provider are confident that you have completed your on-programme training to a sufficient level and that you are ready to tackle your End Point Assessment.

What are the requirements for going through Gateway?

In order to take your End Point Assessment, you must have:

  1. enough training hours logged
  2. completed any work set, such as a portfolio
  3. been on the programme for the minimum required time
  4. achieved your Maths and English Functional Skills (or have evidence of your GSCE or equivalent Maths and English)
    developed your knowledge, skills and behaviours
  5. gained any mandatory qualifications in the apprenticeship (only applies to the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship)