Buying sets of ears…

Kiran speaks with Star Radio MD, James Woodward, about what makes a good radio advertisement and the things to avoid. Consumers want to hear about the benefits of a product, not unique elements of the company, such as length of service or the free parking facility on site. They just aren’t interested. James reflects on the radio adverts that have got him listening, on a national and local scale. He urges potential radio advertisers to really think about their business and their strategy; what is it you’re trying to achieve and will this be conveyed effectively? The term “buying sets of ears” is introduced to account for the numbers of listeners you are potentially persuading to buy and the more listeners a station has, the more expensive it will be to advertise. The interview ends with audience targeting and the unique ways radio can allow you to ensure you reach them.

Ensure your product or service is fit for purpose

Whether it’s a verbal or written description, the EU Consumer Rights Act declares that any given description should match the product or service your company is providing. When a consumer has the initial enquiry conversation with a provider and states what they would like to use the product for, it is essential that the company be able to confirm whether or not the product will match its required purpose. Kiran gives listeners more information about ‘Cap Codes’ and explains how the guidelines have changed to ensure that companies clearly show they are advertising to consumers, for example, through Youtube Vlogger sponsorship.

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