Emotional intelligence and personal branding

Branding, Career | Kiran Kapur | 28 August 2020

Series 7, Episode 7

Getting personal with soft skills  and personal branding. With 75% of long-term business success depends on soft skills and standing out in a competitive market is vital, my guests discuss key skills for your career prospects.

Kim Tasso, prolific author of marketing books, explains her research has uncovered at least 100 soft skills (including empathy, listening skills, asking questions). She believes marketers needs technical ability  and also their soft skills. Deloitte's did a survey that discovered that most employers are looking for learnability, curiosity and team fit in recruiting. Analytical hard skills can be automated but soft skills are "robot-proof".

Neil Wilkins runs his own podcast on personal branding and here he gives tips on how to create and develop your own personal brand. He recommends being very specific at identifying a topic or theme for your personal brand. He also gives great advice on improving your LinkedIn profile to support your own brand.

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