Communications skills: neuromarketing and B2B communications

Communications, B2B | Kiran Kapur | 28 August 2020

Series 7, Episode 6

Katie Hart of Rhetonic explains neuromarketing which looks at what is going through customers' brains when they are being marketed to.

Neuromarketing analyses what is going through customers' brains. What attracts our attention? How do we make decisions and what affect does this have on our brains. Katie Hart of Rhetonic explains her latest research findings on layouts and formats for email marketing. Short content was preferred, but personalisation made less difference. She also has discovered the different reactions to stock images of groups. She also explains neurogastronomy, which looks at how surroundings and packaging can affect our reactions to food.

David Lewis of Memetic-Comms considers B2B communications. His company developes insightful communications for specialised technology companies. David explains the importance of using psychology in creating B2B communications and the vital importance of having a meaningful call to action.

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