Radical Localism

Strategy | Kiran Kapur | 01 November 2020

Series 7 Episode 16

My guest is Rachel Hudson who has a vast array of international marketing experience in companies as diverse as BBC, Trunki to PADI - the world's expert on diving. She argues that Radical Localism is the most seismic shift in marketing strategy of the last decade. It enhances the rising sense of local communities. This means marketers are organising campaigns at a hyper local level. McDonalds is a past master at localism using same branding and uniforms, but changing packaging, varying on product and pricing. Air BNB focus on local hosts and, as a result of Covid, are now concentrating on hyper local experiences. Rachel explains exactly what Radical Localism is, and where you're already seeing it in action and gives advice on how to manage marketing campaigns based on localism. 

What does the future hold for marketers? Charles Nixon returns to look at financial stress tests - the testing of a company's finances, and the move from using corporate debt to fuel growth to companies building up reserves of cash. With Brexit and environmental shocks to come, all organisations will need more financial reserves to draw on.

Podcasters' guide to acronyms: This week's acronym is PESTER or PESTLE - a way of analysing future changes in the Macro environment. This is the environment that we all live and operate in, where large changes over 3-5 years will affect us as individuals and as organisations. Brexit is an Macro environmental factor for example. PESTER or PESTLE stand for Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Ecological and Legal or Regulatory. 

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