Is the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme for you?

Career | Lauren Pettitt | 29 January 2021

Are you a Senior level marketer, looking to reach new heights in your career? The CIM’s highest level qualification allows you to take a closer look at the current marketing challenges your business may be facing and shows you how to effectively manage it’s growth, as well as work on your essential leadership skills.

Are you currently looking for a course to help accelerate your career or to achieve Chartered Marketer status?

If you have 5 years experience in a senior marketing role, the Marketing Leadership Programme may be the next best step for you.

The course is broken down into 2 mandatory modules; Contemporary Challenges and Leading Change, and a final third, elective module; Managing Business Growth.

A quick summary of the areas you will specialise in:

  • Generate innovative responses to emerging challenges
  • Evaluating key drivers for organisational success
  • Build, lead and manage market led change

What content is included in the course?

Each module is designed to fit perfectly alongside any busy marketer’s life and can be studied online or via our classes.

Contemporary Challenges - Mandatory

  • The dynamic marketing environment
  • Key business drivers for organisational success
  • Opportunities for value creation
  • Innovative and positive responses to emerging challenges

Leading Change - Mandatory

  • Build, lead and manage change
  • Change culture and organisational agility
  • Handling resistance to change
  • Strategic planning for change

Managing Business Growth - Elective

  • Options for business growth
  • Capabilities to maximise performance
  • The organisation's ability to respond to change
  • Strategies for sustainable growth

One work-based assignment per module on your organisation.

How would this course benefit you?

Below is just a handful of ways in which this course will benefit you, your organisation and your professional network.

  • Test your ability to develop an effective growth strategy and to convince your colleagues to support it
  • Identify the metrics that you really need to deliver your strategy
  • Question the value of the current legacy systems operating in your business and suggest ways it could be improved
  • Step back from the day-to-day and think strategically about the business, as well as reflect upon and improve your own performance
  • Pick up inspiration and share ideas with tutors and other students, from a variety of sectors
  • You can use this course as a springboard if you're planning a start-up venture!
  • Show off to your network and add post nominals to your name

What study materials are included?

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled, multimedia study package and have designed this to help you gain the skills you need, plus work perfectly around your life as a busy professional.

As well as our comprehensive study package this course includes:

Expert tutor support 

Our faculty are all practitioners themselves and 'practice what they preach'

Learning Zone 

Our personalised student portal, which includes electronic materials, dates and deadlines and tutor details

Companion guides 

Accompanies each module and includes handy exercises to stimulate your thinking on each subject as you progress through the CIM syllabus.


Delves into key topics, including digital, communications and planning, in more detail Specialist textbooks - specifically to accompany modules for this course

Exclusive Slack channel 

Encourages discussions between peers and to help share ideas / questions with each other


Covers current marketing scenarios, with advice from industry experts


Recorded for you to watch at your leisure or live, regular check-ins with your tutor

CIM resources 

With your CIM membership (sign up separately) you also gain access to their electronic library

How long does this course take?

To successfully achieve the full qualification, it would take 18 months to complete, although 24 months support is provided for added flexibility if you need it.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to gain the skills belonging to just one of the modules listed above, you can study one as a standalone course, which would take 6 months to complete. These are known as ‘CIM Awards’ and can be built up in your own time to complete the full qualification if you wish.

What are the entry requirements I would need to start?

Before you decide to embark on this course, it’s useful to know what the CIM requirements are:

  • A Level 6 qualification in any discipline, plus 7+ years senior marketing experience,
  • OR; a Level 6 qualification in Marketing, plus 5+ years senior marketing experience,
  • AND; Evidence of career progression, a sufficiently strategic current role and IELTS 7 or equivalent (if first language isn't English).

What do your existing students think?

We love to hear how the course has helped the individual thrive at work, thus helping the organisation grow and equalling excellent job satisfaction.

“I learned for the first time about Leading Change, not solely a marketing activity and this has completely revolutionised the way I work. I had seen good change management in practice, working for a large corporation in constant transition, but never put the pieces together or planned it myself. I now successfully apply the steps I've learned in many situations. Similarly Managing Business Growth gave me a framework to scope out and execute a growth plan and has led to some significant growth opportunities being put into practice.”

- Julia Pearce, Head of Marketing, Luxottica

“I decided to do the Marketing Leadership Programme just to firmly cement my education in Marketing really and again I really learned a lot from that course. It also gave me the opportunity to step back and analyse what we were doing as a company. It’s also helped demonstrate what Marketing brings to the C-suite. Lots of people view Marketing as advertising and social media – they don’t realise it’s much more strategic than that and touches all parts of the business.”

- Amy Metcalfe, Marketing Director, SMT

Why should I choose Cambridge Marketing College?

There are many reasons why we believe you should choose us as your provider. We can help you take your marketing career to a whole new level.

  • We were the first study centre in the world to have students complete this qualification
  • We have 30 years experience helping professionals reach their full potential
  • Our faculty of tutors are all practicing marketers themselves
  • We have helped marketers from over 2000 companies, including ARM, BGL, Unilever, Dyson, Barclays and AXA enhance their careers
  • We have had students from the Private and Public, Not-for-profit, Professional Services, B2B and B2C sectors
  • We have taught students from 114 countries worldwide

If you would like to find out more about the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme and how it could benefit your marketing career, please visit our course page or contact us with any questions. Our team are ready to help you!

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