Joining the fight against climate change

Lauren Pettitt | 03 November 2021

As COP26 gets underway, we take a look at the situation as it stands, including where the world needs to be by 2030. Small organisations have a HUGE part to play in the climate crisis so we address the changes we're making, as well as the training and information resources available to you as marketers.

On 31st October 2021, almost a year after world leaders were intending to meet, the COP26 Conference in Glasgow united the parties under the UNFCCC, with a staggering 25,000 people expected to attend in total. More than 120 world leaders gathered in the first days of the treaty-bound event, which aims to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally. Scientists estimate that emissions must be reduced by 45% by 2030.

It's not only world leaders that are making their voices heard, the UK royal family and other politians are spreading the message that it's time for us all to act. The Queen's message to world leaders at COP26 was projected onto Piccadilly Circus in central London, with the words:

"the time for words has now moved to the time for action."

Her son and heir, Prince Charles, who is also a Patron of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), added:

"I know you all carry a heavy burden on your shoulders and you do not need me to tell you that the eyes and hopes of the world are upon you to act with all dispatch, and decisively – because time has run out.’

The Prince of Wales said his own Sustainable Markets Initiative, which calls on businesses to transition to eco-friendly practices, had taught him that CEOs are willing to pull together for the climate and Rishi Sunak's announcement to the UK recently stated that we would become the world's first "net zero aligned financial centre".

We're on a mission

We have taught Corporate Social Responsibility to marketing professional for many years. We have experts in sustainability within our faculty, including Nigel Clark, a senior practitioner in the Professional Services sector. We are using our experience and credibilty to train marketers across the globe in sustainable marketing. 

There are 17 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. We will concentrate on two of these: 'Climate Action' and 'Quality Education', the second of which obviously isn't surprising. 

Climate Action: Takes urgent action to combat climate change ​and its impacts. Below you will see the initial changes we have made as a team so far.

Quality Education: Ensures inclusive and quality education for all and promotes lifelong learning. Continuous learning is so important to us and the professionals we teach. We therefore have a duty to use our expertise for the good of our planet and show marketers how they can make a real positive impact

Changes we have made so far

There are some changes businesses can discuss and make right away, which is great news. After some reflection here at CMC, we have begun to take some steps to decrease our carbon footprint:

  • Changed our packaging so that our materials are sent out in recycled boxes. We are also moving all our printing onto recycled paper.
  • In the office, we have changed to eco-friendly cleaning products, turned off the heating when it is not needed, opened the doors rather than turning on the air con and made sure that lights are turned off when we leave a room. We have also brought in more plants and dotted them across the office.
  • Discussed changing our energy contract so our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • Donated our old books to the University in Botswana and our unused cardboard folders to Swavesey Primary School so they can have a second life.
  • Minimised travel for students and staff. We are continuing to hold meetings and tutorials online and staff work from home at least one day a week.
  • Offered an ethical and green pension service to our staff. Nest has committed to be a net-zero investor by 2050 or sooner. They were one of the first UK pension schemes to announce this.

Become a Sustainability Practitioner

Today every organisation needs a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) 'champion' to innovate, drive ambition and seek opportunity at a time of significant societal change.

That's why we've created the 'CSR and Sustainability Practitioner' apprenticeship, a UK government awarded course that allows any marketing professional passionate about social and environmental change to become a sustainability expert!

Understand the opportunities and the challenges of CRS and deliver projects that will engage and enthuse your organisation and stakeholders.

This cost effective training solution is perfect for any professional working in a small or large organisation, as part of a team or on their own. Staff will be fully qualified in just 18 months.

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