One of our Marketing Assistant apprentices, Jayden Powell, decided to use his time during the Covid lockdowns to add to his skillset and enhance his career. Here he tells us about his experience and how his apprenticeship made a huge impact on his career:

Over the course of my apprenticeship, I picked up an array of information which helped me build knowledge in not just marketing, but in all aspects of my job. This Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship allows you to grow as a professional, but in the meantime, develop soft skills such as organisation, problem solving, time management and more. These undeniably play an integral role when handling day-to-day tasks at work, and I soon found that an apprenticeship is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Firstly, the course itself is brimming with content which is broken down nicely to ensure that you know what needs to be studied for each week. I was provided with numerous guides, articles, podcasts and videos to build my knowledge, which was really effective because I kept notes on what I was learning and was able to apply this knowledge outside of my apprenticeship. 

I often was given tasks to complete for each week, which I always found interesting and engaging. These tasks were always different, which exposed me to new challenges that I had to work hard to achieve. These consisted of creative writing, creating budget sheets, conducting marketing analysis and more. My tasks were then assessed by my tutor who gave useful feedback outlining what went well, and what could be improved for each task, which helped me pinpoint focus areas to improve on.

This brings me onto my next point, tutors. I found the tutors at the college to be incredibly helpful throughout the entire apprenticeship. My tutor, Katie Hart, would organise monthly catchups between us to discuss how I’d been getting on with not just the apprenticeship, but my job itself and mental wellbeing – it was comforting and reassuring to know someone was there to help whenever I needed it.

Once completing all of my studies, it was time for my End Point Assessment (EPA). I usually dread assessments and exams, but the process felt a lot less stressful thanks to the support around me – and I’m certain that this is reciprocated across all apprenticeships provided by Cambridge Marketing College. After completing a knowledge test, 6-month long project, and a final interview/discussion, I passed my Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship. 

Despite carrying out my apprenticeship in the midst of a global pandemic, I was still able to connect with other apprentices through the likes of webinars, which was a nice touch because it was refreshing to be able to socialise with new faces despite being locked up at home! I envisioned that COVID would’ve created implications and setbacks with my apprenticeship, but the organisation and support from the college ensured that the process remained streamlined.

I’d definitely recommend Cambridge Marketing College as an apprenticeship provider; I couldn’t fault any aspects of the apprenticeship. I’m now a full-time Marketing Assistant, and the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt over the past 18 months have allowed me to thrive in this job role.

Thank you for your kind words, Jayden. We're so pleased you enjoyed your time with us and best of luck in your new role!