Short course GDPR Essentials

We recognise that the time has come for most of us for less talk and more action. Our new ‘GDPR Essentials’ workshops take a practical and pragmatic approach to the actions that you need to take to be ready before May. The workshops will fill in any gaps in your knowledge but the main focus is to provide you with answers to what you need to actually do and why. You will find out how to do it, in what order and who should be involved both in your organisation and outside. The key aim of the workshops is to give you the in-depth understanding to be able to implement the changes your organisation needs to ensure responsible, GDPR compliant data practices are in place by May 25th.

Course overview

The ‘GDPR Essentials’ workshops are available for small numbers of delegates from various organisations at a Cambridge venue or as tailored in-house sessions. To find out more or to discuss your requirements, please contact Charlotte Lestienne.

The ‘GDPR Essentials’ workshops are directly tailored to:

  • your organisation
  • your product or service
  • your market – including B2B, B2C and charities
  • your customers’ needs and expectations
  • how you use data for marketing purposes
  • whether your organisation processes personal data as a “data controller” or “data processor” or both
  • your existing knowledge
  • your current state of readiness
  • your specific concerns

Workshops content: The ‘GDPR Essentials’ workshops will:

  • explain the key changes that directly impact on your organisation and markets
  • explain any areas that you are unsure of
  • explain the opportunities for marketing and the wider organisation. How can you use the changes that you make to comply with the GDPR to add customer and organisational value?
  • use the ICO self-assessment checklists as a basis to give you the in-depth understanding that you need to implement the changes your organisation needs to make
  • work through, in detail, the 29 questions in the data controller assessment and 17 questions in the data processors assessment explaining what they mean in the context of your organisation and its markets
  • help you to establish what gaps exist and the priority order in which to address them
  • provide practical, specific answers to what you need to do. These will include
    - how to conduct an information audit and document the findings     
    - identification which of the six lawful bases for processing personal data should be used  
    - when consent is needed, how to ask for it and how to record it. What wording should be used and what should be avoided.
    - how to increase likelihood of opt-in from a consent form
    - whether your organisation needs to register with the ICO o how to word privacy notices
    - how to handle individuals’ requests regarding their personal data including the right to erasure
    - how to document a data protection policy
    - how to create a process to monitor compliance with your own policies
    - what staff training should be provided and when
    - what a written contract with a data processor should contain
    - what you need to do if using sub-processors
    - how to assess information risks
    - when and how to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
    - whether your organisation needs to nominate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or data protection lead
    - whether personal data can be transferred outside the EU, what the conditions are and which third countries are deemed to have adequacy currently
    - how to create personal data breach handling processes
    - how to secure cross-organisational support and create a data protection culture

Who should attend?

The workshops are aimed at decision makers in your organisation. Compliance with the GDPR is vital and changes needed involving data collection, processing and communications must be made without delay. This may require resource decisions to be taken at the highest levels.
Marketers are likely to be key to driving the implementation across the organisation but it can also be invaluable to include IT, finance, service, human resources, sales and senior management personnel in the workshops.
If you currently have a Data Protection Officer, he or she may also benefit from attending.

What will you get as a result of attending a ‘GDPR Essentials’ workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do, why you need to do it, how to go about getting it done, the timescales for achieving the changes required and who should be involved. You will also know where to go for support in the run up to May and beyond.

About the workshop leader

The workshop leader is Steve Bax from Bax Interaction. Steve is a Chartered Marketer, a member of the Market Research Society and a Fellow of Cambridge Marketing College. He is a highly experienced tutor and trainer and has been teaching marketers the key aspects of the Data Protection Act and the current PECR for over 12 years. Steve has been delivering a number of workshops and seminars on the GDPR and the proposed ePR reforms since May of 2017.


1 day

What our students say

You really have been so so helpful, and I really appreciate it. CMC are lucky to have such wonderful staff who really go the extra mile.

Felicity Dale Associate Director, International Strategic Development Global University Systems

The tutors were fantastic and all the materials provided were great. I always recommend Cambridge Marketing College.

CMC Alumnus

The day went really well and was a very useful session. I liked the combination of “classroom” content in the morning, with a practical planning session in the afternoon, as I think we all came away with definite ideas of how to get started. All in all a very good course, and having spoken to other colleagues who attended, including those who traveled all the way from Durham, they all thought it was well worth it.

Judith Bank Head of Marketing Sure Petcare

I feel so much more confident now about the GDPR regulation coming next year – Steve laid out all the facts clearly and gave us the tools to build an action plan to tackle the challenges to ensure we comply. I would definitely recommend this course and I’d do it soon!

Colette Cooley Marketing Executive TTP Labtech Ltd

Cambridge Marketing College has amazing tutors, friendly administration staff and great teaching material.

CMC Alumnus

Thank you for the short training course regarding GDPR. It was very well presented and has left us with lots to think about within our Company

Rachel Massey Compliance Manager Stormport

It was a really good day, lots of work for us to do now! Please pass on my thanks to Steve as well, it was a very well delivered course.

Gill Sunderland LBP Optics

Head is slightly aching but the course was good, and the content quite substantial for a short course. Steve was great and allowed enough time for meaningful discussion. Even with a marketing bias it proved useful for me and highlights the work we need to do. I will supplement it with a Homeless Link course to match our specific needs, but very enjoyable, good location and I learnt lots. Thanks for arranging it for me.

Barry Griffiths Community, Events and Fundraising Manager Jimmy's Cambridge

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