Level 6

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing


Take a strategic approach to marketing planning, understand key marketing metics and interpret relevant insight to make informed strategic decisions. Start any time with Online Learning or via our classes.

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Online Learning

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£1335.00* + VAT

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02 October 2019
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Course overview

Obtain the required knowledge, skills and understanding at management level to take a strategic approach to marketing planning, understand key marketing metrics, and interpret relevant insight to make informed strategic decisions within your organisation.

Study package 

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12 months (18 months support is provided for added flexibility if needed).

Entry criteria

  • A Marketing or Business degree with a minimum of 50% of credits in Marketing; or,
  • 4+ years’ marketing experience

Course modules:

Strategic Marketing Mandatory

Study hours: 150, split into a provided weekly study plan.

  • Market insight from internal and external audits
  • Strategic options and effective decision making
  • Objectives, goals and tactical decisions
  • Strategic marketing planning

You can view the full syllabus for this module here.

Assessment: Preparation of a strategic marketing plan and a 3 hour written examination.

Mastering Metrics Mandatory

Study hours: 150, split into a provided weekly study plan.

  • Appropriate metrics and data sources
  • Business performance and strategy
  • Customer value and decision making
  • Using metrics effectively

You can view the full syllabus for this module here.

Assessment: Work based assignment on an organisation of your choice.

Driving Innovation Elective

Study hours: 150, split into a provided weekly study plan.

  • Entrepreneurship and opportunities
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Innovative organisations and marketing teams
  • Innovation and managing change

You can view the full syllabus for this module here.

Assessment: Work based assignment on an organisation of your choice.

Digital Strategy Elective

Study hours: 150, split into a provided weekly study plan.

  • The disruptive digital marketing environment
  • Changes in customer behaviour
  • Acquire, convert and retain customers
  • Key channels for content
  • Digital measures for social, sentiment, search and site behaviour

You can view the full syllabus for this module here.

Note: this module is also available on the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing.

Assessment: Work based assignment on an organisation of your choice.

What our students say

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support you have all given me over the past 2 years. I am jolly pleased I did it and can use the learning in my post. Thanks for your enduring patience and professionalism.

Julian Pratt Communication Manager, Yorkshire Sport Foundation

Really good. I am enjoying it very much”: It’s opened my eyes to things I didn’t know” such as “how I shop as a consumer. My Line Manager is very helpful and supportive and my tutor is lovely and helpful. It’s reassuring to know I can reach out to him.

Nooria P. Apprentice Marketing Executive, Abcam

I usually dislike giving glowing feedback as I don’t usually find that it is very constructive, but I can’t fault the course so far; Tony was excellent, as was all of the handout materials, and the organisation of everything at your office has been great (I’ve asked a lot of questions, and no-one has lost their temper with me yet!)


Nicola Adcock Marketer, Woodfines LLP

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that to date the quality of information and service provided has been second to none - in fact I would go so far as to say the difference is like night and day between my previous college and Cambridge Marketing College.

Gemma Nicholls Market Researcher, Robertson Group

This is my second course with the CMC and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, informative and, most importantly, usable marketing course.

Nicola O'Loughlin Marketing Manager, Woodfines LLP

My experience of the Cambridge Marketing College can be summarised as professional, knowledgeable and supportive. I recently undertook a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing which CMC were outstanding in supporting me alongside full-time work commitments to realise and achieve my potential. All tutors across each module were highly qualified, considerate and engaging; providing great feedback to ensure I achieved my goals.

Matthew Brown Brand Manager, KAO (UK) Limited

Terry, thanks again for your tutoring of the 2016 CIM Digital Strategy module: I received a distinction in the December 2016 assignment, with which I'm (obviously) very pleased . The assignment report will also be put into practice by the client, so I’m happy that there's practical application and value to the research.

I really enjoyed the CMC teaching format and the opportunity to meet peers in other vertical industries and different go-to-market (e.g. B2C), which convinced and inspired me to move from an internal-focused sales communications role into a "pure" marketing role (still in the technology industry, although I did consider other verticals): I’ve now started at Cisco in its emerging markets (Internet-of-Things) marketing organisation.

Gordon Davies Director of Communications, Cisco

Working with Thomas McAlinden my tutor has been fantastic. The feedback I received on my draft was seriously impactful and helped shape my assignment in the final weeks. The greatest benefit to me was that Thomas was always on hand to help. Every phone call, email or text was answered and responded to without delay. 

Brenton Williams Foundation Certificate Student, Gilead Sciences Inc.

As my first time back in the classroom in over 10 years, I did not know quite what to expect at my first CMC Seminar. I was very impressed when I received a link to a webinar giving an overview of the module we would be studying along with the slides to preview. The tutor was very personable, very organised and extremely knowledgeable. He did not 'glide through the slides' but taught the class around the slides and welcomed and encouraged class participation and questions. I would not hesitate to recommend CMC.

Elly Butler Marketing Director, Rafiki Marketing

You really have been so so helpful, and I really appreciate it. CMC are lucky to have such wonderful staff who really go the extra mile.

Felicity Dale Associate Director, International Strategic Development, Global University Systems

The CIM Professional Diploma has been brilliant for my career and future opportunities. As well as making me a more capable and confident marketer, it has served to demonstrate my value at work; even by the half-way point in the Diploma! I think the course and study method was spot on for my circumstances; I was able to give it my all, had some great tutors and actually enjoyed it!

Zoe Neville-Smith Marketing Communications Officer, Saffron Building Society

Thank you so much for these slides and for all the sessions this term – it has been such a pleasure to attend and I have learnt so much. You are a very interesting and dynamic teacher and I am very grateful for all your work and investment in our class! Many thanks for such a great experience.

Lucy Beauchamp Marketing Assistant, Cambridge Medical Robotics

I am really enjoying the course, I definitely wouldn’t have got this new job if it wasn’t for what I have learnt so far so I am finding it really valuable.

Sophie Fryer Digital Marketing Manager, Bath Spa University

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your guidance throughout this module - I was initially overwhelmed but the combination of real life examples, discussion and application of theory has made everything much clearer and very interesting! Your advice has much been appreciated. 

Imogen Varma Professional Diploma, Student

The study materials and online resources were exceptional, and were one of the main reasons I chose to study with CMC. I particularly enjoyed the podcasts and the anecdotal examples that the lecturers shared. I would definitely encourage any marketers who are thinking about studying for their CIM qualification to consider Cambridge Marketing College.

Kerry Proctor Marketing Campaign Manager, Sage UK

In a nutshell, studying for the Diploma, with the great support from the tutors, has given me a fantastic grounding and structure around which to make and implement marketing strategy and activity. It has also given me a lot of confidence.

Clare Montgomery Founder, Beaujolais and Beyond

I had my results this week and am thrilled. Thanks so much for all your help with the assignment, I know I would not have done so well without your helpful feedback. As an added bonus my assignment was selected to be used as a specimen answer - I am amazed! Thanks again.

Angie Tiller Marketing Co-ordinator, Time & Frequency Solutions Ltd

I wanted to say a big thank you both for helping me pass the course and more importantly (to me!) giving me lots of practical advice that has been invaluable in my job.

Ruth Smyth Marketing Analysis Manager, RSPB

The tutors were fantastic and all the materials provided were great. I always recommend Cambridge Marketing College.

CMC Alumnus

Cambridge Marketing College has amazing tutors, friendly administration staff and great teaching material.

CMC Alumnus

I made a very good decision, as my studies at CMC improved my overall understanding of marketing, not only market research and helped me get my current position as Market Research Executive at the RAC. The fact that I'm a CMC student and I had gained a CIM Award in Metrics convinced the interview panel I was the right candidate.I am very happy with my CMC experience and would recommend the College to anyone looking for a career change to marketing.

Oleksii Novakov Market Research Executive, RAC

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