Level 6

CIM Award in Driving Digital Experience


This module provides insights into the digital customer experience and highlights how you can adapt to this changing market. Start at any time with online Distance Learning or via our class dates.

Online learning

Online Learning

£450.00* + VAT

£450.00* + VAT

Executive weekends

Cambridge, UK

22 February 2020, £765.00* + VAT

22 February 2020
£765.00* + VAT

Saturday seminars

Bristol, UK

05 October 2019, £730.00* + VAT

05 October 2019
£730.00* + VAT
Edinburgh, UK

28 September 2019, £730.00* + VAT

28 September 2019
£730.00* + VAT

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Course overview

This Award provides insights into the digital customer experience including customer insights and innovation, digital metrics and analytics. Adapt to this changing market and take action to fulfill your strategic needs. 

By completing this Award and two others:

If, in addition to completing this Award, the Digital Strategy AND Mastering Digital Channels modules are completed, the Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, Level 6, would be achieved.


3 - 6 months

Entry criteria

  • CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing, or,
  • any Digital Marketing Level 4 qualification, and
  • two years experience in marketing

Course module:

Driving Digital Experience Mandatory

Study hours: 150, split into a provided weekly study plan.

  • Generate relevant insights into digital customers
  • Appraise trends and innovation in the digital experience
  • Identify and assess digital metrics and analytics
  • Deliver methods for reporting digital performance indicators
  • Illustrate the customer journey
  • Recommend how to improve the user experience

You can view the full syllabus for this module here.

Assessment: Work based assignment on an organisation of your choice.

What our students say

Working with Thomas McAlinden my tutor has been fantastic. The feedback I received on my draft was seriously impactful and helped shape my assignment in the final weeks. The greatest benefit to me was that Thomas was always on hand to help. Every phone call, email or text was answered and responded to without delay. 

Brenton Williams Foundation Certificate Student, Gilead Sciences Inc.

You really have been so so helpful, and I really appreciate it. CMC are lucky to have such wonderful staff who really go the extra mile.

Felicity Dale Associate Director, International Strategic Development, Global University Systems

The tutors were fantastic and all the materials provided were great. I always recommend Cambridge Marketing College.

CMC Alumnus

Really good. I am enjoying it very much”: It’s opened my eyes to things I didn’t know” such as “how I shop as a consumer. My Line Manager is very helpful and supportive and my tutor is lovely and helpful. It’s reassuring to know I can reach out to him.

Nooria P. Apprentice Marketing Executive, Abcam

Cambridge Marketing College has amazing tutors, friendly administration staff and great teaching material.

CMC Alumnus

In a nutshell, studying for the Diploma, with the great support from the tutors, has given me a fantastic grounding and structure around which to make and implement marketing strategy and activity. It has also given me a lot of confidence.

Clare Montgomery Founder, Beaujolais and Beyond

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