United Kingdom

Alan Anstead

Alan Anstead is an accredited CIPR teacher and practitioner with international experience working for governments and NGOs, including the F&CO (UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office) and its 250 British Embassies. Alan is Course Leader for our CIPR programme.

More about Alan Anstead

Alan is a public relations practitioner with considerable international experience of working for governments and NGOs. In 2010 he established a charity, Equality, that works for and with Roma who migrated to the UK. Before that he led work to develop the communications profession within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its 250 British Embassies overseas. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, a CIPR accredited teacher/trainer and an Accredited Practitioner, and a former student at CMC, some 15 years ago. Alan is the course leader for CMC's CIPR qualifications.