Well here is an interesting subject if ever there was one…. the debate about the value of CIM accreditation rears it’s head by way of an article by Michael Page.

In the blue corner are the supporters of qualifications and continuing professional development. Those who believe that the only way to get on is to continuously update your CV to ensure the technical aspects of your experience are covered without gaps.

In the red corner are the experientialists who consider time spent ‘in role’ as the key differentiator between different marketers and the only way to climb the career ladder is to stay at the coal face.

For many it’s about getting into the ring and using both the high quality, accredited qualifications from the likes of CIM balanced with putting the theory into practice.

Whichever side of the ring you find yourself on we perhaps all agree that the concept of continuous professional development is key to both career progression and the personal satisfaction from doing a great job at work.

What do you think?