Day in the Life of: Kiran Kapur Neil Wilkins | 17 March 2016

In an entertaining twist we turn the tables on our resident Radio Host Kiran Kapur and interview her to see a glimpse of life behind the scenes at Cambridge Marketing College:

What are you doing right now?
Panicking about the state of my inbox and to do list – hence doing this instead!

Share a quote you like
“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” (John Lennon, from Beautiful Boy)

Share a useful online or software tool you are using
I love KeePassX for storing passwords to stop me having to remember them (or using the same one each time)

Recommend or review a favourite (non work related) product
My Kindle – I have a first version one, so no backlight. Makes holiday packing so much lighter and easier to read in bed than a book.

Share a work/life balance tip
Family first, always

Take a trip down memory lane sharing an old product, logo or website
Cadbury’s SMASH, intrigued me as a child, because the aliens were funny but Mum wouldn’t buy it.

Recommend someone
David Thorpe for some great photos of Star radio, and managing to take a photo of me that I like

What newsworthy thing has happened in CMC this week?
We launched a new initiative with an Indian partner and we announced a new class in Sudan

What cause(s) are you currently supporting?
Jimmy’s Cambridge, I’m a Trustee for this homeless charity

Give a sneak preview of something coming soon
Hate having your photo taken? David Thorpe explains how to do it painlessly on this weeks’ radio show. Plus his photos of the Star team (and me) will be tweeted

What one thing could you do better than other marketing Colleges?
International cooperation