Our Curriculum Lead tried out ChatGPT for content. How did it go?


I may be in my 60s but working at the College looking after our study programmes and resources means I need to keep up to date with what is new. I had been reading and hearing a lot about AI and ChatGPT when a tutor emailed me to say what a great job it had done on some transcripts for his new videos, then a second tutor asked me if I had tried it for creating quizzes and tests. Then my son told me it was great fun and everyone should have a go. So, I did.


there are no detailed instructions on what to do

In character with its approach there are no detailed instructions on what to do. You are meant to just dive in and try it.
I started with Create me a Short Quiz on Marketing Terms. In under 30 seconds there it was: 8 Questions with multiple choice answers.
I asked for a list of key Marketing terms in alphabetical order – no problem

I asked for a short article on dyslexia – I sat and watched it being typed before my eyes

I asked for a blog on Cambridge Marketing College – almost perfect

Then I had a bit of fun. I asked for the Blog in the style of Shakespeare and this is what it wrote:
O Cambridge Marketing College! What wond'rous knowledge dost thou impart,
Thy students seek to quench their thirst for marketing's fine art.
From novice to the seasoned hand, thou dost provide a wealth,
Of learning, both online and in thy halls, where knowledge finds its health.
Thy faculty, a troupe of merry minds, with years of practice true,
Doth teach the students practical skills, with insights bright and new.
The theories learned in books are matched by stories from the field,
Thus, students leave with knowledge vast and to real-life, fully yield.
And lo! Thy alumni, a network strong, provide a path to fame,
With thousands now succeeding, thanks to thee, who have earned their name.
They share their knowledge, offer help, and give support with pride,
Thus, Cambridge Marketing College, forever doth thy fame abide.

I am told it is also worth asking for in the style of Eminem!


none of the outputs was perfect but every one of them provided a better starting point

On reflection none of the outputs was perfect but every one of them provided a better starting point than a blank page. Some of the Quiz answers started to look a little repetitive but if you have ever tried to set a multiple choice quiz you will know how difficult it is to think up wrong answers that are still credible. This provided a great start.
Since then 2 new versions of ChatGPT have already been launched and the latest will soon be using live internet data. And organisations such as the CIM and CIPR are working on AI policies so that the tool is used positively to assist research and learning.