Supporting apprentices Apprenticeships | Neil Wilkins | 04 April 2019

I am really enjoying the time I am spending supporting a cohort of new marketing apprentices who are developing their marketing careers. Here, I talk about how they are being supported and the benefits of embarking on an apprenticeship with CMC.

The programme, administered by Cambridge Marketing College, is a government supported initiative that invites those who are seeking to begin a journey into marketing at level 4 and an acceleration of their career at level 6.

My group is currently level 4 and this includes apprentices at various ages and levels of marketing experience. Some are brand new to marketing, with qualifications in law to those moving over from a sales or administration role. The sectors they work in are really varied too, with a professional football club to a city council giving them all exposure to many different perspectives of marketing. This will become evermore apparent for them as they 'meet' online each month at the webinars where I present a specific marketing subject and we go into Q&A to help each other learn and experience great examples of the theory in practice.

I also host 1-2-1 tutorials where we catch up on an individual basis as I discuss their progress, challenges and set interesting tasks for them to complete before the next one. The theme of the tasks I set, which are in addition to the core learning, is based around The Mindful Collective. These tasks invite the apprentices to be directly involved in shaping the new marketing mix definition and in the future, they'll be able to say there were an integral part of the evolution of a new business world.

On a day to day basis, we use Slack to share great links and marketing examples we see in our travels and let's face it, we can never have enough good examples to both learn from and to emulate.

The core of the apprentices' experiences comes in the form of the online learning portal at Cambridge Marketing College, where each apprentice has access to a learning programme, podcasts, classroom lectures and study materials. Everything one needs to embed learning throughout the programme.

If you know someone who would like too consider a marketing apprenticeship to help set a solid foundation for their marketing career, please visit our apprenticeships page. Of course, this person might be you... we look forward to hearing from you.