Internal Communications

PR | Kiran Kapur | 16 October 2020

Series 7 Episode 14

Internal communications is the art of communicating within in an organisation, why it's important and what you can achieve when it's done really well. Alan Anstead explains employees need to feel valued by an organisation and engaged employees are more productive and effective. This is always important, but particularly at times of huge change.

Alan discussed the tools and techniques and measurement. Tools include emails, newsletters, team meetings, internal company social media channels such as Yammer. Most importantly, messages should be two-way and be as much about employees as about management messages. Alan also discussed pitfalls of internal communications such as assuming that lots of communications automatically means good communications. Measurement of engagement will help to understand if the communication is effective.

Podcasters' guide to acronyms: This week's acronym is AIDA - a 95 year old concept for marketing communications. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

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