The Digital Marketing Mix is a tried and tested method of structuring a balanced view on digital marketing and social media within a business. It can give priorities, show what should be measured and what’s important to an organisation.

However it’s difficult to jump straight in and get things right first time. For this reason it’s often worthwhile doing some groundwork thinking.

In this last Saturday’s Digital Marketing seminar in Bristol, the group identified a host of issues and challenges that should be considered before creating a digital marketing plan, campaign or activity.

When considering the target audience it’s all about increasing visibility, being local and relevant to their needs, demonstrating thought leadership at the same time as authenticity in the content that’s published to convey the values of the brand, products and services.

From an internal business perspective, gaining wider buy-in across the organisation by being perceived as a digital champion is crucial to raise the credibility and allow for appropriate prioritisation of efforts.

Data quality and market segmentation helps to customise digital marketing and by integration of digital tools within a coherent customer journey the best return on investment can be attained.

In the end of the process the key thing is seeking and facilitating customer and staff advocacy. The best value in digital communication comes from when the audience advocates the messages and at that point you know you are in a position to create a digital marketing plan that works.