A quick turnaround marketing campaign needs some super fast planning.

Picture the scene. You are tasked with a fast fix to a competitor launch or an opportunity appears from nowhere. Here are 9 fast steps to create some control of your tactical marketing situation:

1. Begin with a view of the marketplace and particularly that which relates most closely to your target customer segments. Spot the trends and prioritise those important to your customer and think about how effectively you could respond.

2. Take notice of competitor positioning, activity and focus. Isolated campaign planning without real world context will result in meaningless and introspective results which are impossible to justify.

3. Market research is only as good as the interpretations drawn from it. Turn the information you find it into decision-making intelligence to help drive growth and reduce risk of poor decisions at the same time.

4. Great campaigns come from great project management. Lead via carefully planned and closely monitored project management techniques, aligning your resources and monitoring every step every day.

5. Your resources are people, budget and time and your campaign will impact on these three elements and take resource away from other activities so effective management of resources is critical for great results.

6. Always seek efficiency savings because profit could come as much from reducing cost as it does from increasing sales.

7. Balance objectivity (numbers, finances and growth) with subjectivity (customer perception, perceived value).

8. Capture results at all stages of your campaign down to the level of each individual tweet, to ensure continuous improvement.

9. Outcomes, both positive and negative, need to be shared by the business. Fine tune your marketing reports to talk to each the target department and individual in a language they understand for best engagement and to ensure their future support.