We are delighted to be offering free sustainability short courses on 6th December for our current and past learners:

Understanding Climate and Sustainability

Communicating Climate and Sustainability

Here are some of the resources we have found useful:

1. Three short films to start:

a. David Attenborough’s COP 26 speech: a powerful speech to world leaders on the threat of climate change

b. Greta Thunberg’s equally impactful ‘How dare you?’ speech directed to world leaders in 2019

c. The Ellen Show interview with Malala Yousafzai

2. An overview and intro video to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

3. Climate Change explainers: simple explanations from the BBC about climate change and the impact of greenhouse gases

4. The Carbon Map: a great resource to see where emissions come from and both who and where are impacted by climate change

5. UN Net Zero explainer: a short explainer on Net Zero and the commitments and actions needed to achieve it

6. Ten easy actions on climate from the Carbon Literacy Project and similar advice from the BBC

7. Net Positive business videos: a set of short videos led by Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever, on the role business must play to achieve a more sustainable world

8. Green Claims Code overview, videos and quiz: the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) landmark code to ensure enviro claims are not ‘greenwash’

9. ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet’ podcast - an excellent podcast series with this interview (Episode 44) with the marketing guru, Seth Godin, the pick of the bunch (also check out Episode 28 on the Green Claims Code – to complement point 8 above – and Episode 32 on the Carbon Literacy Trust)

10. Sell the Sizzle! A short video on how marketers can be better communicators on climate change

11. Another film to finish, the Guardian Environment Editor Fiona Harvey’s recently released and powerful video ‘Whose job is it to save the planet?


Quizzes and Games on the climate and sustainability

We plan to intersperse the first three quizzes here between the morning presentations, so no sneaky pre-course prepping please!

  1. ‘Climate Change Solutions’ quiz from CNN – 8 questions
  2. ‘Eat low carbon’ quiz – 10 questions
  3. ‘Can you reach net zero?’ a great online game from the FT

But there are some other examples here if you like a quiz.

  1.  ‘Climate change quiz’ from the FT - 12 questions
  2. The Earth Day ‘Climate change quiz’  and other ‘Earth Day’ quizzes
  3. ‘How can you cut your carbon emissions?’ from the BBC – 6 questions
  4. ‘Game the Goals’ UN Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Sustainability quiz from The Express (quite challenging) – 10 questions
  6. The Great Green Quiz from the Guardian (2017) – 18 questions
  7. The Guardian climate and green quiz (2021) – 25 questions