Ian Brownlee, one of the founders of the College, died on 15th January 2023 aged 84.  Ian will be fondly remembered by those who worked with him, as a wise counsellor and a gentleman. He was instrumental in setting up the College with Charles Nixon in 1991 and remained a strong advocate of marketing education and training long after he retired.

Speaking of his friend, Charles Nixon said, "Ian was a great business partner. He was a passionate marketer and educator. His founding spirit and enterprise live on in the college". 

Charles and Kiran paid tribute to Ian in today's Opinionated Marketers with Charles reminiscing about Ian's background and entrepreneurial spirit. Ian was innovative in his teaching, placing a rose at the front of the room to remind learners that there was more to life than the stress of studying.

The College's thoughts are with Ian's widow and family.