Sally lives in Scotland where she combines her tutoring with running her own art business, providing art workshops and art and craft holidays in the Scottish Highlands.

What are you doing right now?

Writing a webinar for CMC delegates preparing for their Customer Communications assignment. Although delegates receive very clear instructions from CIM, this is often the first time they have had to write an assignment for a long time and it can be quite daunting. The webinars help them to develop excellent skills in applying the learning material to a scenario, drawing from a range of literature sources to robustly justify a range of recommendations.

Share a quote you like

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”. Some say this quote comes from Henry Ford but this claim is rather spurious. Regardless of the origin, I like this quote because it applies equally in business as it does in personal life. Whilst some things are good to continue and persevere with, there are many times throughout our lives when change is needed (not just those imposed on us but change that we actively instigate ourselves) or just desired. Doing something differently not only re-energises us, it reinvigorates our interactions with others and exposes us to both fresh challenges and opportunities.

Share a useful online or software tool you are using

Duolingo (more a site than a tool) – I am learning Italian by spending fifteen minutes a day on this easy to use site. It tracks my progress and pits my progress against one of my friends. Not that I am competitive (total lie!), but competing against a friend gives me extra impetus to keep going. Learning a language is so very different to everything else I do and the experts say it is good for your brain.  Hopefully one day it will also be good for English/Italian relations!

Share a work/life balance tip

Plan and stick to time-out activities which for me means turning every device off! I am very flexible in the hours I work and if time permits and the sun is shining, I make the most of it by walking down to the River Spey and putting the world to rights. I try and always live in the moment, so when I am working, I zone in 100% and when I am relaxing, I do exactly that.

Take a trip down memory lane sharing an old product

Sherbet Dip Dabs, Flying Saucers and lemon bon-bons! Ok, I know you said “an” old product but I couldn’t choose between these three – having consumed these regularly throughout my life. I just can’t seem to grow up when it comes to sweeties!

Recommend someone

Professor Clive Nancarrow who is a brilliant academic and researcher. With a background in psychology and commercial research practice, his research expertise spans the academic and practitioner fields and his papers are always illuminating and thought provoking. I had the pleasure of working with Clive at the University of the West of England, teaching Marketing Research and it was through him that I was introduced to Cambridge Marketing College. Through his endorsement of the College (and of me), I joined the College when I left Bristol to live in the Highlands of Scotland.

What cause are you currently supporting?

I have supported The People’s Convoy which is a crowd-funded project to send vital medical supplies to Syria. I like the ethos behind this project and the fact that 100% of donations go directly into providing medical supplies where it is most needed. I must admit I am an armchair supporter but it is amazing how many of my friends are also now on-board with helping too.

What makes a good tutor?

For me, a good tutor is one who inspires learners to really strive and thrive. To do this, a good tutor should be efficient, responsive and authoritative in their subject. They should be facilitators; encouraging and challenging delegates to become active learners in pursuit of their own professional development. As one of over 45 tutors and fellows at Cambridge Marketing College I am passionate about my profession and about engaging delegates to want to excel and I am especially proud to play a part in providing the very best tuition via myriad study options, materials and support.