Digital Marketing Conference

Digital marketing, Social media | Kiran Kapur | 25 July 2014

Series 1, Episode 12

The final show for this season comes from the 8th Digital Marketing Conference at the Imperial War Museum. Donald MacGregor explains how important recency is to improving search engine rankings. Adam Gray, author of ‘Brilliant Social Media’, argues that we should continually trial what works in social media. Sophia Amin, Internet Advertising Bureau discusses ‘omni-screening’ – using multiple devises for the same task. Luke Brynley-Jones recommends “cutting the boring” to find what is interesting to your customers about your product. Allistair Frost of the Keep Social Honest campaign explains the toxic nature of “click farming” where companies pay for followers on twitter or likes on Facebook. Finally, Susannah Poulton of the UKTI discusses international web optimisation which means making your website ready for international business.

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