Resubmitting a failed CIM assignment

Study skills | Kiran Kapur | 11 September 2020

Received a mark between 40-49%? Did you know you can resubmit your assignment to the CIM?

The CIM have introduced a resubmission option for candidates receiving between 40-49% for their assignment modules.

Resubmissions are based on the original brief, with the same theme and the same organisation.

Which modules can resubmit?

All assignment modules from the CIM's revised (2019) syllabus:

Level 3 Foundation Certificate

  • Communications in Practice
  • Digital Fundamentals

Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

  • Planning Campaigns
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital Marketing Techniques

Level 6 Diploma and Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • Marketing & Digital Strategy
  • Innovation in Marketing
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Managing Brands
  • Digital Optimisation

Level 7 Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • Corporate Digital Communications
  • Creating Entrepeneurial Change

What is the process?

1) You must register for the resubmission with 5 working days of getting your results. For the July 2020 assignments, the resubmission date is Friday 18th September.

2) You will be charged the standard CIM assessment fee

3) You will receive a breakdown of the marks by Task from the CIM within 3 working days of your payment.

4) You then amend your assignment based on the CIM mark sheet. You must highlight the changes by using a highlighter function, or bold, or text in a different colour. It must be easy for the examiner to see the changes.

5) You must resubmit by 16th October. See next question for what to submit.

6) Results for resubmission are released on 13th November. The pass mark is capped, so the highest mark you can get is 50% which is a pass.

7) If you have now passed, the CIM will send out a Certificate on 27th November

What do I submit?

You submit to your study centre:

  • your original (failed) assignment
  • your reworked assignment for resubmission
  • a resubmission form

Can I get a lower mark?

No. If you pass on a resubmission, the highest mark you can be awarded is 50%. This is the pass mark and you will have passed the module.

If you get a lower mark on the resubmission, then your previous mark will stand.

Do I have to resubmit?

No. You can retake in the normal way.

Should I retake rather then resubmit?

You may prefer to retake if you would prefer to use a different organisation, or a different assignment theme.

If you pass, your mark is not restricted to 50%, so you may get a higher mark.

You may prefer to move onto another module and come back to the one that you have failed.

What about the Global Marketing Decisions module?

This cannot be resubmitted. Even though in July 2020, this was submitted as an assignment due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is classified as an Examined module and so is not included in the resubmission process.

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