Apprentice End Point Assessment (EPA) FAQ for employers

Apprenticeships | Kiran Kapur | 01 July 2021

Are you a Line Manager for an apprentice within your organisation? Are you finding the EPA process a little tricky and want to know how you can be more involved?

We've put together this handy FAQ to cover our most-asked questions to help you understand how it all works.

What is an End Point Assessment?

Every apprentice has to pass an End Point Assessment (EPA) which is conducted by an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), not the Cambridge Marketing College.

The exact format of the assessment is laid down in the Standard but it can include:

  • a multiple choice exam
  • a report submitted to the EPAO
  • a presentation on the report
  • a professional discussion with the assessor
  • workplace observation (Junior Content Producer only)

When does the assessment happen?

When the the apprentice is coming towards the end of the training plan, we will have a discussion with the apprentice, their Line Manager and their tutor to decide if the apprentice is ready to be assessed. This triggers 'Gateway' which is when the apprentice's training stops and the End Point Assessment process starts.

Prerequisites: the apprentice must have at least level 2 (GCSE equivalent) Maths and English and must have logged sufficient training hours.

How long does the Assessment take?

There is a set time period for the EPA process, which is laid out in the Standard.

What support does the College give for assessments?

The College's training plan incorporates practice elements, such as having to do presentations as activities. The final months of training include time for preparation. We offer practice for professional discussions. There is guidance in the apprentice's Learning Zone giving more details of the EPA, including guidance from the EPAO

What happens if they pass?

Results are given on each element of the assessment and this gives an overall grade (Pass, Merit, Distinction).

What happens if they fail?

They can redo the assessment. The apprentice can either do a resit (redoing one element of the Assessment) or a retake (starting the whole assessment again from the beginning with additional training). The College pays the costs of any retakes or resits.

Who are the EPAOs?

The employer organisation chooses the EPAO but we usually work with 1st for EPA, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the British Computer Society. We can discuss this with you but apprentices find 1st for EPA the most friendly.

How much does the EPA cost?

The cost of the EPA is included in the fees you agree with the College at the beginning of the apprenticeship. The College pays the EPAO.

How do I help my apprentice?

Take an interest and be sympathetic. Apprentices will be very nervous so bear with them and be flexible with their time. They will need some quiet time to prepare for the assessment.

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