We’ve all seen those videos that show loads of really short clips stitched together. Pretty cool right? I had no idea how easy these are to produce until someone introduced me to Glimpse. Glimpse is an app which you can download to your phone and create some epic videos. It’s super easy to use and perhaps for those smaller marketing teams, a great way of creating engaging video content without having to fork out for professional videography. Yes, Glimpse is totally free (unless you upgrade to pro, but more about that later).

Marketers all know the stats about users losing interest in videos over 2 minutes long. But what if the message you’re trying to convey is complicated? Glimpse is great for cramming in lots of content in to a short space of time. If we take the average 2 minute video for example; that’s 120 different 1 second shots packed in to your video. Of course it’s not suitable for everything. There’s no point in subtitles or voice overs as the video moves too quickly. However, if you’re looking to ad variety to your content and have a little fun with your audience I can definitely recommend giving it a go. Here’s a marketers guide to Glimpse.

Step 1 – Create a plan

In my current role as a conservation marketing intern for Ecoteer, it’s part of my job to sell our awesome conservation projects to potential volunteers. I used Glimpse to show a snapshot of what volunteering with Ecoteer on our Projects would include. Have a look below. My plan therefore included the things I thought potential volunteers would want to see e.g. getting there, accommodation, activities, food. Basically, a day in the life of a volunteer. If you’re selling a product for example, you could show a behind the scenes glimpse in to how the product is made. It allows us to give a different perspective of our organisations.

Step 2 – Practice

Get a feel for the app. Have a play around. 1 second can seem longer than you think. If there isn’t much going on in your shot e.g. a plate of really good looking food is stationary, or a beautiful landscape shot, try panning the camera to add some motion, or zoom in.

Step 3 – Shoot

Let the app do the work. Film the content you’ve pre-planned.

Step 4 – Go Pro

If you download the premium version you can change the length of the clips so you don’t have to use single second shots. Edit your final video by rearranging the shots, trimming them, and removing ones you’ve changed your mind on. Only £2.99, bargain. I’m in no way endorsed by Glimpse. Just a big fan of the app. The free version is great but the pro version adds a bit more flexibility.

Step 5 – Download and share with the world

Just click the download button and you’re ready to go. You can upload these directly to social media straight from your phone.

So give it a try. Any questions just ask, and feel free to share you glimpses with me in the comments below!