1. We don’t just tell you want you want to hear.
It’s all well and good nodding along in agreement however the way to grow is to be challenged. In this latest issue (Issue 11) Joanne Palfrey warns of the danger of continuing with the current business strategy of using channels tailored to Baby Boomers and Generation X. We also put your organization in the spotlight with a 10 part questionnaire constructed by Dr Andrew MacLennan ‘How effectively does your organization execute strategy?’ What do you think your result will be?

2. We publish ALL our Feedback.
Yes that’s right; we don’t just publish our positive feedback. If you’ve enjoyed one aspect of The Review, great tell us about it! Or if you dislike something we still want to hear about it. Your feedback is a great way for us to adapt the content and form of the publication.

3. We have international ties.
This issue hosts our first article exchange with the French journal Revue Française du Marketing. Antonio Alves and Ana Maria Soares from the University of Minho in Portugal address the use of avatars as human warmth stimuli. Dutch native Theo Dingemans discusses how Andre Rieu has been able to become so popular.

4. Our articles are peer reviewed by academics in the field.
Only articles that deliver the goods are published. Once an article has been written and submitted to our editor it is then reviewed by a committee of expert Marketers. This feedback is then given back to the Editor to decide if the articles make thegrade.

5. Malcolm McDonald reads The Review.
Professor Malcolm McDonald is a contributor and reader of the Cambridge Marketing Review. Read Professor McDonald’s debate on page 67 of Issue 11.