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Demystifying digital marketing

More has changed in marketing in the last two years than in the previous fifty.
— Adobe, Digital Trends Report

This one day course introduces new digital concepts and gives you practical tools to use.

Course content

  • The world will never be the same: Digital disruption and its impact on markets and customers.
  • How digital has re-invented the marketing mix – Product, Price, Place and Service.
  • Digital marketing communications – context and roles.
  • The tools of digital marketing, including e-mail, PR, mobile, search, and advertising.
  • Social media – opportunities and challenges.
  • Examples of good and bad practice are given throughout.

Course format

A combination of presentations and activities is included. These activities will be tailored to be relevant to your organisation sector.

No prior knowledge of digital marketing is assumed, but where possible we shall build on existing skills to take them to the next level.

Who should attend?

This introductory course is suitable for:

  • Staff charged with running digital marketing activities, whether or not they are currently in formal marketing roles.
  • Managers who want to get up to speed with new marketing directions.
  • Owners of small businesses looking to use digital communications tools.
  • Job seekers looking to strengthen their curriculum vitae.

What will you get from the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of how marketing is changing in the digital era, and what response is required from organisations. You will have the chance to reflect on current practice and to begin to formulate plans for how best practice can be adopted in your organisation.

About the workshop leader

The workshop leader is Terry Nicklin from Keynote PR. Terry is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of Cambridge Marketing College. He has over thirty years’ experience in senior marketing roles, and has been involved in digital marketing from the start. He has organized the highly successful Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference for the last 12 years — now the largest CIM regional conference.