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Multi-channel Marketer Apprenticeship

  • Level: 3
  • Duration: 18
  • Study options: Online learning
  • Cost: £11,000

Benefits for the apprentice and employer

  • Apprentices learn key skills they can apply directly to their roles, including using marketing tools and techniques, creating effective content for different audiences, and developing communications and digital campaigns.
  • Apprentices will be fully qualified in less than 24 months.

Who is this apprenticeship for?

Those in a marketing assistant role who report to a Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager or Marketing Director. Typical job roles include Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing Assistant, Marketing Junior, Social Media Assistant.

How this apprenticeship works

  • Minimum of 6 hours off-the-job training per week.
  • Blended learning, with online study materials, monthly one-to-one online tutorials and topic specific webinars.
  • Free attendance at 2 CMC one-day courses on AI and Sustainability

Duration and cost

The learning section of the apprenticeship is up to 18 months. The end point assessment period is up to 5 months thereafter. The cost is £11,000.

Skills and behaviours

There are specific weeks for skills and behaviours, which include tutoring on:

  • Presentational skills
  • Research techniques
  • Content creation
  • Writing persuasive text
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration and team work
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Commitment to continuous development
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity

End point assessment — EPA

To complete the apprenticeship apprentices have to complete an End Point Assessment (EPA). This includes:

  • Portfolio of 12 discrete pieces of work
  • Project report
  • Presentation with questions
  • Interview underpinned by the portfolio of evidence

Key syllabus

  • The role and function of marketing
  • Customer behaviour
  • Marketing planning and the marketing environment
  • Market research and data
  • The Marketing Mix (and in different contexts)

  • Different types of customers
  • How customers make buying decisions
  • The purpose and process of marketing communications
  • Marketing communications tools
  • Creating a customer communications plan
  • Measuring the effectiveness of a communications plan

  • The impact of digital technology on marketing
  • The effect of digital technology on customers
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Developing written video and audio digital marketing content
  • Developing digital marketing campaigns
  • Measuring digital marketing campaigns
Choosing a training provider

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About apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a way to develop and upskill your workforce.