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Rob Gregory built his first website using HTML and php at just 14 years old (quite a long time ago when the web was a very different place). The rush of excitement he felt when publishing that very first website has never left him. Writing code on you computer and making it available to anyone in the world via the internet was then and remains today a pretty exciting thing to do.

Rob has been interested in computers from an early age having a computer science lecturer for a father meant he always had the latest technology to play with. Exposure to computers from and early age and his love for the creativity side of coding led Rob to pursue a career as a web developer and programmer.

Over the past 25 years Rob has developed and launched countless websites and software applications for customers here in the UK and around the world.

Rob now splits his time between his successful web agency and teaching others the joy of coding through various online and classroom style courses, workshops and seminars.

Known for his live demos Rob presents at conferences where he inspires and engages audiences with real world examples of technology in action as well as future vision and predictions for the digital marketing sector.

Rob teaches coding for our Digital Marketing Apprentices.