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Our training centres are available throughout the UK as well as internationally. We offer a wide variety of courses to suit your level and needs - from short courses and evening classes to executive weekends and distance learning.

Our brand ambassadors are always happy to assist you with guidance and advice at your preferred location.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly on +44 (0)1954 234 942.



We offer marketing courses, corporate training and development programmes for a wide range of business sectors in Russia.

Distance Learning courses

Distance Learning courses are available for all CIM and CIPR qualifications.

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Our Brand Ambassador for Russia

Evgenia Danchenko is an employee of the international consulting company Civitta. Evgenia lives in Kaliningrad. She has a specialist degree in organisational management and a Masters degree in financial planning and control from the I. Kant Baltic Federal University.

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We are happy to help you choose the most suitable course to fit your future objectives. Email or call our local team on +74012 53 07 48 who can answer all your enquiries in English or in Russian.

Evgenia Danchenko 00 74012 53 07 48

Evgenia Danchenko works for the international consulting company Civitta in Kaliningrad. She is our Brand Ambassador for Russia.

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Check out the range of distance learning courses available