‘The Rule of Thirds’ in Content Strategy


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Neil Wilkins from Viper Marketing provides a proven and practical model for marketers striving to deliver a responsive and agile stream of content that is right for your target customers.


For many marketers and business decision makers the role of content creation has become the make or break factor in
the success or failure of their marketing communications. Since the middle of the 1990s every sector in every country has
experienced a gathering momentum of the importance of high quality words, images and video to convey key messages about the value of products and services.
In the early days of the Internet a brand’s custodian could decide upon the propositions, strap lines and lists of features and benefits and push these messages out through a variety of online and offline channels. This methodology relied upon the target audience, assuming the audience was being targeted, being receptive to such messages. It was a process of one-way communication; a monologue.


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