The (new) Future of Marketing


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An edited extract from the 14th Annual Cambridge Marketing Lecture, presented by Kevin Bishop, Vice President of IBM’s Brand System and Workforce Enablement – By Kevin Bishop


It’s a real honour to be here this evening: not only is it your 14th year of these annual lectures, it’s also IBM’s centennial year. When we started we made bacon slicers, time recording machines and punch cards. Now we don’t make those things but we make – and do – a whole lot of other things that make a difference in today’s world.
Whilst many other very successful companies that have been around for a long time thrive by perfecting the same whiskey
or the same beer or the same chocolate, IBM changes what we do many times over. Tonight I’ll explain something of how we do that and why that’s been such a successful strategy for us. The lecture is called the “New Future of Marketing” for a reason, because we think the world has changed very significantly and this holds profound implications for our profession.


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