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Cambridge Marketing Handbook: Planning looks at why marketing planning is such an important discipline within organisations and why it is important not only to do the right thing (Strategy) but to also do things right (tactics). This book will help all readers develop a plan for the future and ensure that their organisations are able to see the clouds on the horizon and develop an appropriate response.

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Cambridge Marketing Handbook: Marketing Planning considers how planning has a bad reputation in the main, largely the result of a preference on the part of Directors and Managers for spending their time on operational issues.
Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, failing to plan for the future,
(Strategy), often leads to organisations doing the wrong thing more
efficiently. To a certain extent, this is tolerable in benign marketing
conditions or in monopolistic or semi-monopolistic markets. Since 2008, however, the consequences of not developing a robust strategy for the future has been catastrophic, with many worthwhile profitable companies going out of business
Marketing planning at its best allows executives to foresee dark clouds on the horizon and to take account of the many thoughts that are taking place around them. Please remember that “strategy” is doing the right things, while “tactics” is doing things right. This short Handbook will help all executives to do the right things, so ensuring a worthwhile future for all stakeholders

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